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  • Personalized Mother’s Day gift M&M’S in a white bowl
    The mother lode
    Mom deserves whatever her heart desires. Fortunately for you, she’s not asking for a new luxury SUV this year. She just wants one of life’s simplest pleasures — the real milk chocolate and colored candy shell she’s loved for years. Only this year, share a personal message on each and every one. ...Read More
  • Personalized Mother’s Day gift M&M’S on a white background
    Create quite a buzz
    You can tell yourself that you’re only getting them for mom. But let’s be honest, you also want to get a little attention as well. When you make her Mother’s Day gift the M&M’S candies that everyone craves, let’s hope she’s in a sharing mood. Just pick your colors, add up to 18 characters or an image, and wait for jaws to drop. ...Read More
  • Personalized M&M’S in a traditional gumball machine on a table
    Number of servings: Unlimited
    With early morning bus schedules, afterschool practices, and late night science experiments, it’s basically Kid’s Day for 364 days of the year. Mom gets one day a year that’s all about her, so let’s make it special. Add up to 18 lines of text or upload an image to a custom selection of M&M’S colors, then enjoy serving each one with this old fashioned gumball machine. Maybe on one of those other 364 days, she’ll even share with you. ...Read More
  • Personalized Mother’s Day gift M&M’S on a white background
    Ten perfect fingers. Ten perfect toes. One perfect gift.
    Baby books are full of firsts. First tooth. First step. First word. But there’s one first that’s really more about mom. Yeah, that first Mother’s Day is a big deal. It’s your first chance to show her the majesty of a holiday that’s now all about her. A personalized Mother’s Day gift of M&M’S with a custom message or image is one perfect little bundle of joy. ...Read More
  • Mother’s Day gift ideas just got a little easier
    You got her a new blouse last year. Gardening clippers the year before. And flowers just about every other year. It can be hard to come up with new gift ideas for mom, until now. Because you’ve just stumbled across the best news ever: you can create a personalized mix of M&M’S with your own messages of images, and we’ll even help you pick out the perfect gift box. See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? ...Read More
  • Earn your wings
    Mom may not play favorites, but there’s an easy way to get on her good side this year. Make her special day a little bit sweeter this year by creating a personalized Mother’s Day gift from M&M’S. Our world famous candies combined with your messages or images can turn an average present into a delicious and thoughtful gift she’ll never forget. She also won’t forget who gave it to her. ...Read More

If you’re looking for gift ideas for mom, your search is over.

It’s the queen of all holidays. It brings the first sign of spring, the best brunch of the year, and the celebration of the person who deserves a little praise more than anyone — mom. Yep, Mother’s Day is one holiday you definitely don’t want to forget or overlook. You need gift ideas for mom that show her how much you care, especially if you aren’t doing a great job of showing her every other day of the year. 
It doesn’t even have to be your mom. Every mom deserves recognition, whether it’s grandma, the mom next door or moms at the office. You can personalize a message to all the moms in your life, then pick the perfect package to wrap it all up. In just 18 characters or less, or a simple image, you can create a Mother’s Day gift that may not last very long, but she’ll remember forever.