Don’t just say congrats. Show it.

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Congratulations Ideas & Inspiration

  • Personalized M&M’S congratulations gift with custom messages in a gift box with die cut baby feet on a table with baby decorations
    Dozens of little pats on the back
    There are so many ways to say congratulations on a new baby. Cigars are out these days, and greeting cards are too basic. What you need is a gift that leaves a great taste in their mouth. A personalized M&M’S congratulations gift can turn your simple kudos into a sweet little reminder that you care. Dozens of M&M’S, up to 18 characters, and one perfectly adorable box. ...Read More
  • Personalized M&M’S congrats gift with custom messages
    Heaps of praise
    The message is about as subtle as an ALL CAPS tweet with multiple exclamation points. Because when you turn a simple kudos into a chocolate message of congratulations, they don’t just hear it, they savor it. Whatever the reason is for the pat on the back, you can say it with M&M’S. Just pick the perfect mix of colors, add personal messages, clip-art and an image, then think about the perfect way to express your best wishes. ...Read More

You could just say congrats. Or you could let M&M’S say it for you.

Your friends just bought a new house. Your sister had a baby. Your coworker got that promotion that’s long overdue. There’s a ton of reasons to be happy for the people in your life. And if you’re happy and you know it, share some candy. This is a great opportunity to show them how much you care, and they’ll love eating your words…literally. An M&M’S congrats gift is like the classic three cheers, but with a modern twist. 

They’ve always loved the chocolate that melts in their mouth, not in their hands. But have they ever experienced M&M’S that come with a personal message? Probably not. You can pick your custom selection of candy colors, add a mix of messages, clip-art and a personal image, then find the perfect gift box to show your pride in their accomplishment. Voila! You’ve got the best way to say congrats, without saying a word.