DIY wedding favours

Whether you want to tap into your creative side or are looking for a budget-friendly solution to present your guests with a small thank you gift, here are a few personalised wedding ideas for you. Just let our DIY wedding favours inspire you.

Give away DIY sweets

To find individual wedding gift ideas, you don't have to look far. After all, they're hiding in your own pantry. Small jars can be transformed into stylish gifts in a flash. Just fill them with your favourite treats (how about personalised M&M'S?), stick a handwritten label on them and you have a personalised wedding favour for the big day.

Homemade wedding potpourri

Treat your guests to the sweet smell of a homemade potpourri. Simply air dry a mix of flowers, herbs, cinnamon sticks and orange peel a few weeks before the wedding. Then store in an airtight container for a week and package in gift bags or as scented sachets. This way you can offer your guests a DIY gift that will remind them of the big day with its scent for weeks to come.

Candle as a DIY wedding gift

Are you looking for a simple way to show your guests that the flame of love is burning between you and your partner? Add some scented oil to a paraffin, soy or beeswax base and pour the mix into a pretty container such as an old teacup or jar. Place the wick in the middle and your homemade scented candle is ready.

M&M'S ® - the sweetest way to celebrate your wedding

Deliciously stylish, M&M’S chocolate candies make an inspired choice for your DIY candy wedding favours.

Your palette? Fifteen incredible colours — from classic white and elegant ivory to light blue and fuchsia. You can create unique chocolate wedding favours that match or complement your theme. Impress your guests with personalised M&M’S. Add a photo of the happy couple, select wedding images, or add words that show your appreciation.

Make your intimate gathering even more magical with DIY wedding candy favours. Like our delightful 1,5kg Bag which includes and 24 plastic pots to fill that you can easily personalise. Or our small bags 40g of M&M's you can personalise that adds a touch of elegance.

Looking for some more inspiration? Check out our Wedding Ideas page for diy wedding favours with personality.