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wedding candy bar idea

Love is so sweet. So why not create a candy bar with chocolate to sweeten your wedding day?

Wedding candy bar tips

A candy bar appeals to all ages equally and makes for a unique highlight at your celebration. Coordinate the colours with the theme of your wedding - gold, silver or perhaps the dress and tie colour of the people of honour? We have collected a few tips and ideas for you on how to make your wedding an unforgettable experience with a chocolate candy bar.

1. Choose sweets with all your senses

Of course, taste is key when it comes to sweets. But don't forget your other senses when choosing your sweets. Great colours and interesting shapes will give the candy bar at your wedding a very special look - especially if the colours match the table decorations. Also, look for durability and don't choose anything that melts or crumbles easily. A wedding can last several hours, and who's to say the guests won't still need a little something from the candy bar at three in the morning?

2. Set the scene for the candy bar in a unique way

Elegant? Rustic? Somewhere in between? Just choose the containers that match the look of your celebration: Crystal bowls, glass decanters, jam jars, cocktail bowls or maybe even large decorative shells. In any case, have small ladles or tongs ready to fit into the openings. Perhaps add a matching tablecloth?

3. Be personal

Personalise colourful bags or themed boxes for your guests to put their sweets in. You'll have attractive little favours. You can add your own notes to the bags, tie little key rings around them or use colourful ribbons.

4. Get more for less

Sweets in bulk save money. Most wedding planners recommend a minimum of 140-170 grams per head for the candy bar. However, if you plan to use something sweet for the guest favours as well, it is better to go a little beyond that. You can also stock your bar with less expensive products, such as glazed marshmallows and Rice Krispie treats. These serve as a delicious base on which you can present other sweets of your choice.

5. Create a magical wedding with personalised M&M'S

M&M'S® offer arguably the most versatile (and also delicious) way to create a truly mesmerising candy bar for your wedding. Whether your celebration is more traditional or based around a special theme, you can choose from 20 great colours to create just the right look - from pearlescent and gold to bolder tones like deep pink or neon green.

Personalised M&M'S® will turn a memorable celebration into an unforgettable experience. Add a photo of the two of you to the chocolates or a short phrase to show how much you appreciate your guests. And don't forget: if you buy your M&M'S in bulk, you'll save money and still have enough left over for your wedding favours.

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