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  • Personalised M&M’S congratulations gift with custom messages in a gift box with die cut baby feet on a table with baby decorations
    A personalised gift for new parents
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  • Personalised M&M’S congratulations gift with customized messages
    The best wishes are chocolate wishes
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  • Personalised M&M’S congrats gift with custom messages
    Heaps of praise
    Because when you turn a simple gesture into a chocolate message of congratulations, ...Read More

You could just say congrats. Or you could let M&M’S say it for you.

Your friends just bought a new house. Your sister had a baby. Your coworker got that promotion that’s long overdue. There’s a ton of reasons to be happy for the people in your life. And if you’re happy and you know it, share some candy. This is a great opportunity to show them how much you care, and they’ll love eating your words…literally. An M&M’S congrats gift is like the classic three cheers, but with a modern twist.

They’ve always loved the chocolate that melts in their mouth, not in their hands. But have they ever experienced M&M’S that come with a personal message? Probably not. You can pick your customised selection of candy colours, add an image or up to 18 characters of text, then find the perfect gift box to show your pride in their accomplishment. Voila! You’ve got the best way to say congrats, without saying a word.