Anniversaries only come once a year


  • Ivoor und Paars M&M’S
    A day to remember!
    You’re not going to forget your wedding anniversary, aren’t you?
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    Chocolate gifts are the greatest gifts
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  • Light purple and red customised M&M’S in a gift box with die-cut windows and heart designs on the front next to a white rose
    Traditional gifts are nice. Custom M&M’S are even nicer.
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Say "I do" to chocolate gifts

You know the first one is paper. The 25th is silver. The 50th is gold. But no matter how many years you’re celebrating, personalised M&M’S are always great wedding anniversary gifts. They literally send a message, and whether they are in a custom gift box or just scooped in your hand, they are a delicious treat everyone loves.

It’s great to give, even better to receive, and very easy to personalise. Write up to 9 characters on each of two lines, or upload an image, and commemorate the date that you made a lifelong commitment. You can find the right combination of M&M’S colours and add your message in seconds, then add a box or other gift, and express your love through candy.